Nithya Yoga and Kriya FAQs

Nithya Yoga

  • What does yoga have to offer me?
  • Can I start yoga if I’m stiff/overweight/out-of-shape/old?
  • What if I’m pregnant?
  • What if I’ve had a recent surgery or injury?
  • How can I find a yoga class in my City?
  • Where can I buy yoga props or clothing?
    Will yoga conflict with my religion?
    How does yoga relieve stress?

Nithya Kriya

  • What is the importance of the breath? Is there more to breathing well than positive health effects?
  • What effect does uttering the sound “hum” have on me?
  • Is the empty stomach condition applicable to Nithya kriya? What should the time gap be between our food and this Kriya process?
  • Should one do Kriyas for a certain time, or it should be done everyday for rest of one’s life?
  • Who should not practice Nithya Kriya? I have Auto Immune diseases, is it safe to practice Nithya Kriya?
  • Can I teach this Kriya to my family and friends or they have to watch the video too?
  • Can I sit for Nithya Kriya on a chair and upright back since I cannot sit cross-legged?
  • Where should I do Nithya Kriya? I am living in a noisy environment; do I need a separate place to do this?
  • I learned Nithya Kriya online and was practicing regularly, but for some reasons the continuity broke. I want to restart the practice again. Do I have to just continue to do what I’ve learned previously?
  • What is proper time to do Nithya Kriya?
  • How many times in a day can I practice Nithya Kriya?