Unclutching – Work smart, not hard

The moment you hear you are unclutched, the first fear that arises in you is, ‘If I start living without connecting my thoughts, who will pay my bills? I could lose all my wealth. I could forget where I keep all my money. I may not be able to live successfully in society.  How will I do my job? How will I take care of my things? Won’t I not just lie down in my bed without doing anything? Why would I want to go to my office?’

I ask, ‘Why wouldn’t you go to your office?’ The moment you ask that, it means that you inherently have a little hatred or a little vengeance against your office work! This is why the moment you find some excuse; you want to escape from your work. By asking this question, you are only expressing your anger, your violence against your routine, nothing else! The question has nothing to do with unclutching.

If you have such questions, just unclutch and sleep for ten days. There’s nothing wrong with that. Have a vacation for ten days. Decide, ‘I am going to unclutch from both the identities.’ How many days do you think you can sleep? How many days do you think the cessation of activity can continue in you? Only until the tamas* in you is exhausted. After that you will automatically start doing something.

So, even if you feel it is a lack of responsibility or defeatist behavior, be unclutched for a few days. You will then understand and experience that when you are unclutched you will not have a lazy or passive attitude. Mentally you will be silent, but physically you will be active and alive. When you are in that space of irresponsibility or defeatist attitude, mentally you are very active but physically you are tired. When you are unclutched, physically you are active and alive, but mentally you are silent.

You see, 33% of the body is Sattva*, pure silence. 33% of the body is Rajas *, restlessness and 33% of the body is Tamas*, deep sleep, laziness. Right now the first fear that happens in you is if you unclutch, you may become Tamasic*, a lazy person.

Unclutch. That 33% of your laziness will quickly be exhausted. It will disappear from your system within a few days. Then you will automatically start working from your innate intelligence. You don’t have to be driven by fear and greed to live your
day-to-day life.

I am not saying you should stop thinking completely. I am only saying, when you are unclutched, whatever thoughts have to happen will happen automatically. Initially when you are unclutched you will feel as if no thoughts are happening. Later you will understand, even after unclutching, whenever thinking is necessary, the mind is clutched. Whenever thinking is not necessary, the mind is unclutched. Your mind is being used as an instrument, not as a master.

We can live purely from inspiration. But the problem is, we are never given that confidence. We are never given the courage that we can live simply by inspiration.  Sometimes you can see that for no reason you radiate excitement, for no reason you radiate intelligence. That is what I call inspiration. It may last only for a few moments, but you need to realize that those few moments can become a way of life for you. If we remain unclutched, then continuous inspiration will happen in our lives. Unclutching directly kindles the energy of the being. This energy is the energy of inspiration, the energy of unclutching.

Tamas – One of the three gunas or attributes of nature. Attribute of inaction.
Sattva – One of the three gunas or attributes of nature. Attribute of passive action.
Rajas – One of the three gunas or attributes of nature. Attribute of aggression.
Tamasic – Having attribute of tamas or inaction.

From Living Enlightenment,
pages 237-239