Freedom From Emotional Baggage

This meditation can be performed anytime/anywhere to free your inner space from the emotionally loaded memories such as fear, love, and greed. It is not possible to live without a memory! The problem is not with having memories. The problem happens when memories are emotionally loaded. Emotionally loaded memories are like high-resolution graphic files on your brain’s computer! They take up so much space that you can’t store anything else, they slow down the entire processing and can make your system ‘hang’ (suspend actions) anytime! Ordinary memories are like ordinary text documents. They are problem-free and useful to run your daily life. While we cannot forget something at will, we can convert the ‘graphic’ memory into a ‘text’ memory though meditation.


Whenever you feel you are stuck with some emotional memory, just sit with it. Meditate on it by consciously going into it. Whether it is fear or love or greed, go fully into it. Don’t think, how can I become free of a memory by focusing on it? Just like food, whatever has been completely digested by your system will naturally be thrown out. As you meditate on it slowly, your inner space will be disconnected from that emotional memory. As long as there is any energy or charge attached to that memory, continue to meditate on it. When the memory has been purified of emotional content, it will leave your inner space on its own.