Nirbhaya Dhyaan meditation

We are afraid of darkness because darkness represents the unknown. All our fears are about the unknown! We are afraid of the unknown, both in the outer world and in the inner world (in our unconscious). The unconscious itself is nothing but that area of your being which has not been lit by your awareness.

All your unconscious fears are nothing but pure unawareness. In this meditation, we contact darkness with thoughtless awareness. We welcome it with deep love. This is a very powerful technique for cleansing our mind of fear, especially unconscious fears. If you have noticed, you cannot think in total darkness! Deep and total darkness stops the mind from thinking of anything known. When the mind stops thinking of the known things, thoughts automatically dissolve. When you are able to be thoughtless and relaxed in darkness, fear loses its hold over you.

Nirbhaya Dhyana (Path of Fearlessness) meditation heals the Swadishtana Chakra , located inches below the navel. This chakra is most affected by  deep fear, especially that of death. This 30 minute technique helps in unlocking or cleansing this chakra by teaching us the acceptance of Death.

Instructions :

Now let us enter into the layer of darkness. Please sit with your eyes closed and tie your blindfolds. Throw out all the colors that are there in your mind, retaining only darkness. Keep only darkness in your mind.

Step 1.

Start chanting the ookara – the sound ooooo. Understand, it is not Om or Hoooom. It is just ooooo…. Put your whole effort into exhaling only. Throw out all the prana or life energy. You will continually push the air out as much as possible. Don’t bother about breathing in. Just keep pushing the air out continuously by chanting as deeply as possible. By pushing the air out, the body will breathe by itself. Take a small breath in, and then start chanting oooooooooo.

In the small gap that is there between the exhalation and the next short inhalation, the body will take in air by itself. So, put all the effort to just throw out the air with the oooo sound. Throw everything out totally.

(After 20 minutes)


With all your effort, keep exhaling through the nose. Do not intone any sound. Just exhale.

(After 5 minutes)


Now visualize a deep and big forest, inside which there is a deep and dark cave. You are sitting inside the cave. Visualize all the walls of the cave. It is a cave within a single rock. The ceiling of the cave is also rock. There is just a deep darkness – soothing, relaxing and joyful darkness; comfortable darkness. Totally comfortable and secure with the darkness, you are alone, sitting and meditating. Feel the darkness. It is covered by layers of darkness over darkness. Darkness is totally drowned in darkness.

You are just as if in your mother’s womb, the same comfortable darkness of your mother’s womb. Feel the utter relaxation, the utter rest, with no responsibilities, only total, comfortable, peaceful darkness. You are sitting inside the dark cave and meditating on the darkness. Feel the cave. Visualize yourself inside the cave. Visualize that you are comfortably sitting and meditating on the deep darkness. You only know one word: darkness… darkness… darkness.

Inside the cave you are connected to the darkness of the universe, the darkness from which the universe was born – the darkness of your mother’s womb from which you were born. You are just filled with that live darkness. There is no other thought except darkness. Become the darkness. Feel that the whole thing is just darkness. Your body has disappeared in the darkness.

Penetrate into the deeper and deeper layers of darkness. Just become pitch black darkness, nothing else. The whole space is filled with thick darkness. The darkness is much more intense and dense than the earth itself. Just taste the experience of the deep and peaceful darkness.

(After a few minutes)


You can open your eyes.

Please carry this darkness with you for the next half hour. Carry the darkness of your mother’s womb, the darkness that is the deep comfort. Rest and relax in the darkness of no responsibility, only freedom. Carry this darkness of rest and relaxation with you. Avoid speaking to anyone. Keep your eyes on the ground. Carry this peaceful darkness within you.