Blast Open your Heart Energy

This powerful meditation is an instant way to open the anahata (heart) chakra and increase the vitality in the body. The heart is at the core of the body’s energy reserve. All that needs to be done is to unleash that powerhouse of energy and feel the joy that spreads everywhere!



Duration: Maximum seven rounds of breathing, twice a day.

This meditation is to be done on an empty stomach, or at least three hours after a meal.

Step 1: Exhale as deeply as you can, making sure your lungs are totally empty.

Step 2: Pull in the stomach muscles as tightly as you can, to squeeze out whatever air may be left inside. Become totally deflated.

Step 3: Keep the breath out for two minutes, or as long as you can. Even if you find it difficult, just try. After some practice it will become easier.

Step 4: When you just cannot be without air anymore, just allow it to enter you in one big rush.

Just enjoy the energy of the air rushing in.

This is a moment of great joy! Feel the energy hitting your heart center and the waves of energy rising from it and spreading everywhere. This is an excellent way to blast open your heart center!