Breath Of Bliss

When we are stressed, we experience a sense of tightness inside. We feel as if we are physically shrinking and withdrawing. Actually, this is true. When you are stressed your energy level is low. Your pranic layer shrinks and withdraws. This is what you experience as a physical contraction. When you are in bliss, you experience a sense of expansion and lightness. This is your energy expanding and spreading out from within. This 11 minutes technique uses energy to influence emotion. When your energy level is increased, naturally you are relieved from stress.


If possible, do this meditation in a large airy room, where you can be alone. Otherwise just make yourself as comfortable as you can. Stand in a relaxed way and close your eyes. Make sure that no person or object is touching your body. Now, visualize yourself continuously inhaling and exhaling bliss and light. As you inhale, feel the soft, blissful light entering your body. Feel it entering and washing every part of your body. It is filling your body, making you feel light and spongy. Breathe slowly and deeply. Every time you inhale, feel each pore of your skin blissfully breathing in this light. As you exhale, the light is radiating from you. With your eyes closed, hold out your arms and spread your fingers. Feel the bliss pouring out of you in rays of soft light. Feel your feet resting softly on a cloud of light. Experience the blissful light energy entering you, filling you, radiating from you. Feel that your whole body is nothing but a bag of bliss! Within a few minutes, you will see that the stress and tightness inside you begin to dissolve.