Why Meditate?

So much – too much! – has been spoken already on this subject.  We have been asked to meditate for health, meditate for stress-relief, meditate for clarity, meditate for peace , even for prosperity!

Al l these views are certainly true, and yet they miss the essential point -that what they speak of are only the by-products, the benefits of meditation.

Why meditate

Meditation - why and what??

The single purpose of meditation (if there can be one at all) is this, and only this – to restore you to yourself.

You have wandered too far away from yourself –into identities, into relationships, into desires, into goals, into the enchanting maze called Life.

Meditation is no more than a way to remind you that you are all this – but something infinitely more.
t frees you of the boundaries – both real and imaginary – that you have set up for yourself.

Meditation is a chance to step back into yourself, to integrate your inner space offshore merchant account before you plunge into Life once again.