How to Meditate?

You don’t have to learn meditation. You are already a meditator!

Remember a moment in your life when a lovely sunset, or a piece of music, or somebody’s passing smile left you breathless, still, suddenly totally aware?

That moment is meditation!

But the problem is, we have virtually no control over when such a moment will come or go. Our meditation is a pure accident!

All techniques exist only to help you recall and anchor yourself in that experience.

We are continuously experiencing the space of pure consciousness, but our mind always cleverly jumps the gap.

With awareness, you can catch the moment, you can ‘fall into the gap’.

The more consciously you experience these glimpses, the more your awareness dwells in the gaps between events, between thoughts.

Each glimpse is like drilling a hole on the surface of a frozen pond.

When you walk on the surface, it looks as if the whole pond is solid ice – but if you once fall into a hole, you realize that the pond is all water, and the ice is only on the surface!

How to meditate

Become a watcher...

In the same way, in meditation, you gradually begin to see that what you experience as ‘gaps’ or holes are actually the single underlying reality, unbroken by the outer-world and inner-world events that are shifting and moving on the surface.

ife. Life spiraling inward is meditation! Meditation is the best and most practical coping mechanism for handling every situation of life with ease – including making money, managing relationships, handling stress or illness – and a thousand other things you wouldn’t dream of calling ‘spiritual’.