Extreme Exhalation

This meditation works wonders when you are stressed. Start by exhaling deeply. Always start by exhaling. Focus on exhaling, deeply, powerfully.


When you have exhaled totally, pull in your stomach and wait for three seconds before inhaling again. Then inhale as deeply as you can. Hold your breath for three seconds. Then start to  exhale. Then inhale, exhale again. Create a rhythm in your breathing. Go slow, let the breath enter and leave your body totally. When you exhale deeply, you also throw out the toxins from your body. You throw out the stress. After 10-12 cycles of breathing, you will find that the stress is gone, the tension is released!! Fatigued, low energy, silent laughing, bliss, soundless, energizing, pick me up, rejuvenate, energy circulates inside, refresher, exhilarating, childlike, playful