Enlightenment FAQ


What is enlightenment?
What is Living Enlightenment?
How to achieve enlightenment?
Why should I care about enlightenment?
How does it feel to be enlightened?
What happens when you get enlightened?
What are the benefits of being enlightened?
Do you have to be enlightened in order to enjoy life?
What is the quickest/easiest way to enlightenment?
What are some different paths to enlightenment?
How do I know which path I should take?
What can I do to accelerate the process?
Enlightened Beings
Can an enlightened master transfer this experience to me?
How many enlightened being are out there?
Why do some enlightened beings choose to come back?
On the Path

If enlightenment is so simple, why do people struggle so much before reaching that stage?
Some say that we are all already enlightened, why don’t I feel that way?
Sometimes I already feel like I’m enlightened, how do I know if I’m not?
When I’m approaching enlightenment, will I know it and will I know what to do?
What’s the one thing I should remember while on the path to enlightenment?
How does the Vedic tradition support the path of enlightenment?
Can I continue with my day to day life while on the path of enlightenment?
Is enlightenment aligned with certain religion?
Can I retain my religion/tradition while on the path?