Dissolve Your Anger!


Anger ManagementThis 21 minutes meditation technique uses the power of visualization to handle our negative emotions.  All the negativity you experience in your relationships is nothing but the conflict of two individual egos, two imaginary identities! If even one of these identities can be seen as false,the conflict no longer has a base to exist.


Step 1:
Sit upright with your eyes closed.  Bring to mind the image of someone who fills you with some negative emotion.  Intensely remember the person and all the wrong he has done to you. Relive all your pain and anger against that person. Let the emotion become intense in you.

Step 2:
Now, visualize the same person standing before you.  He has lost everything in life – his money, his home, his social status, his relations, everything.  He is standing before you, totally defeated by life.  He is the same person who had once hurt you.  Now, you are free to say whatever you want to him. He has no more power over you.  You are free to throw all your anger on him.  Let your mind say whatever it wants.  You must carefully witness each word that your mind brings up. Be aware of what you are saying, to whom you are saying it.

As you witness your mind, you will find that you no longer have anything to say..!  Your will see that your anger was against the identity of the person, not against the person himself.  Now that the identity is gone, on whom will you throw your anger?  Slowly, as you witness it, your anger dissolves on its own.  The next time you see the person, even if the same anger comes up, it will have no force.  Just recall that the anger you experienced was against the personality, and the person is not the personality.  Just this one understanding will awaken deep compassion in you, not only towards others, but towards yourself also. You will become more authentic in your relationships.