Shakti Sagar meditation

This 30 minute Shakti Sagara Dhyana or Ocean of Energy meditation, from Zen Buddhism helps cleanse the chakra of comparison and jealousy by helping you realize that you as an individual are unique.

All your life, you have been running a race against others. Now, you will run against yourself!  You have always put a mental limit on your own potential. You already have an idea that you can do this much, and no more. Not only physically, but in everything in your life. You don’t know that you are actually a source of tremendous energy! In this meditation, you will realize that you are much more than what you imagined. You will see new resources opening up inside you. There is an immense reservoir of energy inside us that most of us are not even aware of. If you know how to tap into this vast energy source, you can simply go beyond what you now think are your limitations. Intelligence is nothing but functioning at the highest level of energy available to us. During this meditation, you unlock the resources of Intelligence. When you awaken to the understanding that you are a unique expression of the cosmic energy, the need to compare yourself with others falls away effortlessly.  People with heart disease, high blood pressure or other serious ailments are recommended to avoid practicing this technique.



Step 1 (20 minutes):

Stand in silence with your eyes closed. Concentrate your entire awareness upon the vishuddhi chakra, located in your throat region. When you do this, the cosmic energy enters through the vishuddhi chakra and becomes a tremendous source of energy for you. Now, standing in place, slowly begin to jog. If you find this difficult, you can stand behind a chair or use some support. Start jogging slowly, very slowly, in the same spot where you are standing. Start slowly, then increase your pace. Keep jogging faster and faster in the same spot. Push your limits only to the extent that you can, with no discomfort. At all times focus on the vishuddhi. You will be able to feel the energy coming from it. As you jog, be aware: ‘I am awakening the cosmic energy in me. I am awakening the unique energy in me.’ Let this be a physical decision! Your very muscles have to decide, ‘I am renouncing all the past samskaras. I am opening up the unique energy which is available to me.’ Let your whole body feel that you are expressing much more than what you think you can. The important thing is never to slow down at any point in time, and to always keep your eyes closed, and your awareness on the throat region. When you do this, you automatically absorb the energy that is generated during the movement. Your body has tremendous potential that you have never used! When you enter totally into this meditation, you will find that the higher levels of energy open up. So keep jogging. Let the energy rise!

Step 2 (10 minutes):

Relax. Stop jogging and just sit down quietly wherever you are. Keep your eyes closed. Focus all your attention on the vishuddhi chakra. This will help assimilate and distribute the energy you have released during the jogging. While doing this meditation, you may wear your mala (rosary) around your neck. It will absorb and retain the released energy for a longer time.