Lotus Thread Of Light

spine of lightThis is a 21 minutes powerful technique to awaken the Kundalini shakti, the tremendous potential energy that lies latent in you. When this energy is awakened in you, your energies are balanced and your consciousness takes a quantum leap into enlightenment.  Your life energy flows through your body through a network of fine subtle energy channels called nadis. Nadis are not nerves but rather channels for the flow of consciousness.  In the center of your spinal column, alongside the spine, is a flow of energy like a slender thread, which we call sushumna nadi*. It runs from the base of the spine to the crown, passing through each of the seven vital energy centers in our body called the chakras.

The ida nadi*, another slender thread, begins and ends on the left of the sushumna nadi*, and the pingala nadi*, a third slender thread, begins and ends on the right of the sushumna nadi. The ida* and pingala* spiral around the sushumna, crossing each other at every energy center and all three meet midway between the eyebrows.

Whenever your energy is being sucked by the intellect, the ida nadi* will be active, and the subtle energy of your system will be flowing upwards. Whenever your energy is being sucked by the sexual center, the pingala nadi* will be active, and the energy will be flowing downwards. When enlightenment is activated in you, the central sushumna nadi* will be activated, and your intelligence will be awakened!  All your intellectual thoughts suck the energy upward. All your thoughts of comfort or pleasure suck your energy downward. Now you are going to put your energy in the sushumna, the center, so that your enlightenment or intelligence is awakened.  This technique awakens the non-mechanical parts of the brain. Since it is a physical technique, it is available to 80% of seekers. It is safer and easier when practiced in the presence of a living master.


Sit straight and close your eyes.  Let your spine be erect.  Mentally scan your spine so that you will be able to visualize it easily.  Visualize your spine to be just like a lotus thread, a slender thread from the root of your spinal cord to the top of the head, the crown area.  Visualize a thin thread of light in the center of the spine, running continuously from the base of your spine to the crown of your head.  Put your attention on this thread of light.  See the energy flowing from your root to the crown through this sushumna nadi.  Let your whole awareness be centered on your sushumna nadi.  Although it looks simple, this is a highly potent technique. With this single powerful visualization, you can awaken the energy of enlightenment in you.  Try this technique for at least twenty-one minutes for ten days. In just ten days, you will experience the intelligence, the energy, the enlightenment, awakening in you!