Know Yourself As Light

While waking, dreaming, sleeping, know yourself as light.  When you meditate on your body as filled with light, it is visualization. Your boundary still exists. When you meditate on the ultimate truth that nothing but light exists, you step out of body and mind and world. You become no more than a point of awareness in an ocean of light.


Do this meditation for 24 hours of the day for 21 days continuously. Know that you are light, that there is nothing else inside and outside. There is no body, no world – only light, intense light. From the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep, carry this truth inside you continuously. Slowly, after a few days, it will start penetrating even your sleep and dreaming states. Even when dreaming, you will remember yourself as light! Even in deep sleep, you will remember yourself as light. You will just be a light, shining; an eternal light. This technique is so powerful, it will give you the clear experience that you never die! Light never dies. If you think you are matter, you will always have the fear that you will disappear one day. When you realize you are light, the fear of death will disappear!