Hamsa Mantra: Freedom from Fear

This is a 21 minute very powerful meditation technique that can give us tremendous freedom from fear.
The mantra hamsa is spontaneously repeated by every one of us in every breath. The incoming breath produces the sound “HA” and the outgoing breath produces the sound “SAH” in us. Since this mantra is repeated naturally with every breath, it is also known as the pranic mantra, the mantra of the life-force itself. Because hamsah mantra is recited naturally, without any conscious effort on our part, it is known as ajapa japa (the unchanted chant). In this mantra, sah represents Shakti or energy, while ha represents Shiva or intelligence (consciousness). The m sound between the ha and the sah represents jeeva or the individual, who is the contact point of energy and intelligence, the fulcrum on whom this whole play of power and consciousness turns. The conscious repetition of hamsah mantra is only a way to fall in tune with the spontaneous hamsah mantra that is always going on within us.


  • Sit in a relaxed manner.
    Close your eyes and watch your breath for a minute.
    Let your breathing be slow and relaxed.
  • Now, when you inhale, repeat ‘ham’ silently.
    Repeat the word ‘sah’ silently as you exhale.
    Put your awareness more on your outgoing breath.
  • While inhaling, you will be constantly trying to hold on to something.
    Exhaling is letting go.
    Focus on exhaling without bothering about inhaling.
    Continue this silent intonation of ‘ham…sah…., ham…sah’.
    Consciously place more awareness and energy on the exhalation. Help yourself exhale deeper. Let the inhalation happen automatically through the body. Place your energy, attention and effort only on exhaling.

Exhalation is death!

When you place your awareness on exhalation, whatever can die in you will leave your system, your inner space.
It will leave your system, and you will realize that something that can die can never be part of you. If you are identifying yourself with something that can die, that identification will be automatically disconnected. When you realize this, naturally you will feel connected to that which can never die. That which never dies is your very being. You will realize you are that which can never die, you are the unchanging Consciousness. Whenever you are attacked by fear, just sit back and chant this mantra.

The silent intonation of this hamsah mantra* will awaken you to the Truth that your being never dies. You will suddenly see that the fear of losing your wealth, your limbs or your health, of losing your near and dear ones, or the fear of unknown – all these fears will disappear. You will be liberated from fear.

This technique can also be practiced at times when you are not facing fear, while you are sitting, talking, walking, eating, even while you are sleeping. Understand, when you constantly intone this mantra, it will gradually become ajapa japa* or a
spontaneous vibration in you. When the hamsah mantra* becomes ajapa* in you, you become a Paramahamsa*! You remain
spontaneously in the space of enlightened consciousness.