Filled With Nectar

Why meditate

This simple 20 minutes technique can revolutionize the way you feel about your body and create awareness.  Many of us carry an unconscious, deep dislike of our body.  When you carry violence against your body, you unconsciously invite disease. You may not realize it, but many of your psychosomatic diseases like skin diseases, asthma, menstrual disorders in women and even chronic fatigue are born of a subtle condemnation of your body.

Cancer is a direct result of a deep unconscious hatred of our body.  We never feel the sacredness and purity in our body. We never feel that our body is a reflection of our very being – sweet and blissful.  When we feel comfortable with our body, when we enjoy and love our body, naturally good health and healing happen to us.


Sit straight with your spine relaxed.  Just be completely comfortable in the posture.  Close your eyes gently. Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply.  Continue for a few breaths.  Now, visualize your body as if filled with nectar!  Enjoy the sweet feeling, as if your whole body is smiling.  Feel as if your whole stomach is filled with nectar.  Let this nectar wash your limbs, fill the space inside your head.  Taste it on your tongue, in your throat!  Visualize that your whole body, head to toe, is filled with nectar.  Enjoy this pleasant feeling.  Just be completely filled with nectar.  If you have pain or irritation in any part of the body, concentrate on it and feel the sweet nectar pouring into it.

Gradually, you will feel a gentle explosion of bliss in your body – as if a ripe fruit has burst inside you, sending its sweet juice to every pore.  Your every pore will feel this sweet ecstasy! Feel the sweetness, the bliss in your body.  Your body has become pure sweetness, pure bliss.  This bliss is your true nature! Your body is just reflecting the bliss that is constantly happening inside you.  Experience your body with deep pleasure.  Now relax from your body, relax into the sweetness and experience the bliss within.