Divya Netra meditation

Light of ArunachalaDivya Netra Dhyana (Divine Eye Meditation) is an extremely powerful technique where you come in direct contact with the master’s energy. This 25 minute meditation, taken from Zoroastrianism, is most effective when practised in the master’s presence. It heals all problems dealing with seriousness using innocence and simplicity as the basis.

There is an old saying that if you die in Varanasi, a holy town in India, you are assured of liberation. Varanasi is not just the town as we know it. It is also the region where the vaarana (eyebrows), meet the naasi (nose), the exact location of the ajna chakra. It symbolically represents the death of ego in the liberated or enlightened state. The Ajna chakra is also known as the ‘third’ eye’ and the Chakra Raj – the Master chakra. It is such a significant chakra that there is no religion that hasn’t worked on activating it. When the Ajna is awakened, the whole Being enters into a different realm. A whole layer of faculties opens up.


This meditation involves two separate techniques: one for cleansing the ajna, and the other for energizing it.Our lower chakras mainly need cleansing and channeling. The higher chakras need energizing also – pumping the energy up to the chakra. In the two phases, you will need to alternately close and open your eyes.

Step 1 (5 minutes)
Close your eyes and focus on your ‘third eye’ – on the area of your ajna chakra. Just see through your eyes, whatever images you are seeing behind the closed eyes.
Step 2 (5 minutes)
Now open your eyes – but do not see! Look through your eyes, not with your eyes. Don’t look with your two eyes as you normally do. Instead, try seeing with your third eye, as if your brow chakra were actually an eye that you could see with. With your third eye, gaze intensely at the master’s third eye, or at the flame of the lamp. Try not to blink. Initially, you may feel some discomfort. You may experience a burning sensation in the eyes, or tears may come. Let it happen. This is all part of the cleansing process. Repeat both steps twice, then repeat only Step 1 and end the meditation.

Be prepared to have unusual experiences during this meditation. Your ajna has never been activated before. Opening the ajna will open you to a whole new realm of experience. You may see visions of your favourite deities, or find that Swamiji’s form disappears and is replaced by a point or beam of light. Sometimes you may see total emptiness where his form or picture was. Don’t be alarmed or lose your clarity at these moments. You are not being hypnotized! In fact, only now are you finally being dehypnotized. Only now is your superconscious awakened. If you see only light or emptiness, it is a sign that you have done the meditation with deep  sincerity. Because that is the truth of our nature. We are all nothing but energy. The physical body that we perceive as our own, and the physical existence of everything around us, is nothing but an illusion. That’s why the ajna chakra is known as Maya Harana – destroyer of illusion.