Dissolve In Devotion


Devotion (bhakti) is the sweetest and most beautiful ways to connect to the Divine. Unlike any other spiritual practice, here the path and the goal are both equally blissful. Losing yourself in the Divine is a joy in itself. Devotion is its own reward. When you experience deep devotion for someone, that person becomes your doorway to the Divine. When you lose yourself in the other, you are taking a leap out of yourself. You experience the joy of going beyond your boundary and merging into another. This technique is a simple but effective way to awaken the mood of devotion in you.


Close your eyes and sit in a relaxed way. Bring to your mind any person who awakens devotion in you. It could be any person who
has enriched your life, to whom you turn for spiritual clarity, who means a lot to you. It could be a family member, a friend, a teacher or guru, or even you chosen deity. Remember him clearly. Recall how he caused great transformation in you, in your life.
Remember how much he added to your being. When you remember the person, the emotions of joy, reverence and devotion spontaneously arises in you. Allow this feeling to grow. Experience the connection with the person deeply. Deeply relax into his memory, into his being. Just disappear into his being, into the beautiful, loving intimate memories of him. Relax and merge into his being.