Rooted in the Being

The swadishthana chakra (navel energy center) is the source of our life-force. That is why any energy blockage in this chakra manifests as fear. Likewise, constantly experiencing fear can cause the energy flow in this chakra to get blocked. This chakra is located right in the middle of the body. The very word ‘swadishthana’ means the point where the being is rooted. Just becoming aware of this chakra is enough to center your energies. When your awareness is centered on the swadishthana chakra, you are living at the being level.


Whenever you can, become aware of the swadishthana chakra. As you look deeply, you will see that the whole of your life energy is revolving around this center. When your energy is centered on the swadishthana, you will see you cannot think much. Your thought-process will slow down naturally. You will feel more rooted and a natural discipline will arise in you, both in your physical actions and in your way of thinking. You will experience a deep and silent awareness and the courage to handle all your day-to-day problems without getting ruffled.