Question the Answer

Strictly speaking, this is not a meditation, but a very interesting game that can be played between two people.  This little game show us how our responses to life are always conditioned, and we rarely act out of spontaneity and awareness. It gives us a chance to really catch our mental patterns at work, and try to break free of them.


Both participants take turns at asking each other simple questions like, “What is your name?” or “Isn’t it hot today?”. The way to reply is to make any statement that is NOT the logical answer to that question! For instance, if the questioner asks “What is your name?”, the person who answers can say something like “The flowers in the garden are so pretty!”, or “The day after tomorrow is Tuesday!”. You can say anything except answer the question. When you start playing, you will realize how difficult this is! It is almost impossible to maintain our awareness level higher than our logic. Again and again, we keep making the standard response. When our can sustain our awareness in every moment, we can move beyond logic. This game is a good way to break the mind, and to sharpen awareness as well.