How am I?

The next time you meet someone, do not ask “How are you”? Instead, ask “How am I”? Even if you don’t ask it aloud, ask this question inside. The moment you ask this, you have already turned the focus of your awareness inwards. Normally, we are always judging others in an unconscious manner even while we are interacting with them. A subtle process of judging and evaluating is always present as an undercurrent whenever we are relating with others. With this question – you turn the process upon yourself instead, and you will be doing it with full awareness. When you are aware, there is no space for judgment. You simply note your own motives and behavior, that is all. Once a certain behavior has come under the light of your awareness, it will be automatically strengthened if it is in tune with your being and dropped if it isn’t. We usually look for reasons and throw the responsibility outside ourselves for whatever happens in our relationships. With this question, you consciously realize that the responsibility of this interaction rests within you. You return to the only point from which any transformation is possible.