Don’t Like It? Don’t Do It!

How many of the things you do every day you really enjoy? Forget about going to work or paying bills – even the things that you do for pleasure, you hardly ever enjoy. When you are eating, are you really enjoying it? Even when you go for a walk, are you totally into it?  Most of the time you are just hurrying through your actions without stopping to think whether this is what you really want to be doing. That is why there is so much conflict inside us. When you are doing something you really enjoy, you are connecting to your being – because all joy comes from the being.


Right in the middle of whatever you are doing, just stop and ask yourself, “Do I really want to be doing this? Am I really enjoying myself?”  If you find that you are not, just stop whatever it is.  Just drop it. If you are really enjoying it, you won’t even need to answer yourself – you will know.  Just for 48 hours, try this technique.  In 48 hours, you are not going to lose everything!  Whatever you lose in 48 hours, is anyway not worth keeping.  In 48 hours, our life won’t come crashing down just because you stop doing the things you don’t enjoy.  But in that short time, you will surely get a taste of what it is to be totally integrated, totally at ease.  Understand, you cannot practice this technique unless you are aware of your actions at every moment. You have to be a constant witness. You cannot get carried away.  When you learn to stand apart and enjoy the action, that is real enjoyment – without attachment and fear. Then you see clearly that the joy is coming from the being, not from the action itself.  When you move away from the action and focus on the inner experience, you move deeper into your own being. Your actions are aligned to your being. You become integrated.