Beam of Energy

You will be amazed to see how much can happen when you are just standing!  Wherever you happen to be at the moment, just try standing still in silence, without doing anything for a while. Close your eyes and and try to stand without support when your eyes are closed.


Stand in a relaxed, comfortable way with your spine upright. Standing upright is not strenuous as you think. When your head, neck, spine and legs fall in a straight line, your body will be in a state of perfect balance. This is a posture of alertness combined with ease.  Standing is a beautiful way to let the energy flow smoothly in your body. And slowly your thoughts also come to a standstill.  Just stand as long as you can – even an hour is wonderful.  As the energy settles inside, you become silent and still. When you are totally centered, your body disappears and you become a beam of still and radiant energy.