Balancing Brain Energy

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hutterstock_175641281.jpg” alt=”” width=”160″ height=”160″ />This 21 minutes meditation technique helps balance our active and passive energies so that our functioning becomes more centered and harmonious. When we are involved in any active, analytical or logical activity, our right brain is stimulated. This is the active or ‘solar’ aspect of the brain. When we are in a mood for listening to music or poetry, it is our left brain which is at work. This is the passive or ‘lunar’ aspect. Most of us overuse one part of the brain than the others. As a result, our energies are in a state of imbalance.


Sit silently with your eyes closed. For a few minutes, press your fingertips upon your closed eyelids till you start seeing a light inside your closed eyes. Don’t hurt the eyes too much. Just witness whatever you are seeing inside. Seeing a bright light inside is a good sign. This light is known as bindu. It means that the life-force is intensely present in your body. Now relax the eyes for 3 minutes. Repeat the process. This technique will balance the energies in both sides of your brain.