‘I Am Not The Doer’

This technique is given by Lord Krishna to his disciple Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita.  Doing without the idea of doership is the basis of karma yoga or the path of selfless action.  On this path, you are asked to perform appropriate actions with the idea ‘I am not the doer’. Break free of the mind!


In the spiritual text called Ashtavakra Gita, the sage Ashtavakra also gives this technique to his disciple, the king Janaka. Ashtavakra says, “You who have been bitten by the great black serpent of egoism, ‘I am the doer’. Drink the nectar of the faith, ‘I am not the doer’ and be happy”.  But the way this technique works is not as you imagine! Please understand that simply thinking that ‘I am not the doer’, or even having the faith that ‘I am not the doer’, will not liberate you directly. This technique by itself will not liberate you. It will just make you tired! No one can remember continuously, without a break, that ‘I am not the doer’.  Try it, you will see  that after trying and trying and becoming exhausted, when finally you understand that you just cannot remember this all the time, you will be completely frustrated – and you will just drop the mind! The moment you drop the mind, the truth that you are not the doer will simply become reality! That is the technique suggested here.