Words Are A Double-edged Sword!

Words are a double-edged sword! Whatever words you use outside to others, you will be unconsciously using the same words on yourself. Don’t think that you can use harsh words outside and peaceful words to yourself! These words which arise out of your unconsciousness can cut both ways. In the Vedas, spiritual aspirants are counseled to always speak words which are satyam, priyam, hitam (truthful, pleasing and beneficial). Of these, hitam is considered the most important, a truth that is not going to benefit the listener in any way is better left unspoken. This is not just a moral code. It is a powerful technique for cleansing your own inner space. Once you realize this, you will be careful how you use your words – not only for the sake of others, but for your own sake as well.


At all times, keep your awareness on the words you are using. Whenever you use a harsh word or abuse someone else, just visualize that the same word has bounced off the other person and is penetrating you. The same word is vibrating inside you. The word is resonating inside you; it is describing you! In the same way, whenever you say a positive, compassionate word to another, visualize that the healing energy is flowing towards you also. The same peace is circulating inside you. This is actually the truth. Words are energy, words are consciousness. The same consciousness which you direct at the outer world is naturally directed at the inner world also. Actually, once you start using your words consciously, the very awareness will make you drop the words which are expressing violence. And once you taste the peace that comes with speaking healing words, you will no longer have to make an effort to censor your speech!