Drop The Anxiety and Fear

This meditation helps us greatly to acknowledge and distinguish between conscious and unconscious worries, hence reducing the anxiety and fears within us. Very often, we are not even aware of the deep-seated worries we are carrying inside. All our unnecessary talking, laughing, doing, everything is just a desperate bid to cover up this deep anxiety. All our restless movement is just an unconscious attempt to still the restless mind. Of course, nowadays we have become so used to being in a hurry, that we tend to rush through everything even when there is no need! Next time you are walking, eating, talking, or doing anything in a hurry, just watch yourself. Why are you doing this? Are you using the action to distract yourself from some deep worry inside? Are you trying to escape from something? Or is it just a habit?


To find out the real reason, just slow down. Start going through that action in slow motion. If you are walking, start walking slowly. Bring your speed down to a stroll.  Be aware of each step. Breathe slow and deep. If your hurrying is just out of habit, out of unawareness, just slowing down will make you feel relieved. In just few steps, you will be totally relaxed. If you are using the action to cover up something inside, the instant you slow down that anxiety, that fear is going to come to the surface. By cutting the action, you are giving the worry no place to hide. Just watch the worry.
Face it. If it is a real problem, then by facing it directly you will have the awareness to solve it better. If it is an unconscious worry, just watching it consciously will dissolve the fear. Either way, acknowledging the problem is the first step to solving or dissolving it!