The Unmanifest Reality Technique(Omkara) : Focusing On The Silence (Jnana Marga)

There are two ways to dissolve the mind. When the mind enters totally into one single form, all other forms are forgotten and the mind is filled with that one vibration. It loses its individuality and merges with that one form or vibration. Or, when the mind goes beyond all forms, it realizes itself as the formless Absolute. Here again the individual mind loses its identity and becomes one with the formless. When the mind loses itself in the form of the Divine (saguna Brahman or the manifest reality) it is known as bhakti yoga, the path of devotion. When the mind realizes itself as the formless Absolute (nirguna Brahman or the umanifest reality), it is known as gnana yoga, the path of wisdom. Depending on the way it is chanted, the mantra Om can be used to connect with both the manifest and umanifest reality. When we focus on the sound of the mantra, we experience the manifest Divine, the primary vibration of the manifested universe. When we focus on the silence between the intonations of the mantra, we enter into the unmanifested reality or Consciousness that underlies all manifestation. In the previous technique, we used Omkara to experience saguna Brahman (manifest aspect of reality). In this technique, we use Omkara to experience nirguna Brahman (unmanifest aspect of reality).


Step 1 (10 minutes)
Sit upright with your eyes closed. Concentrate on your navel center, manipuraka chakra. Now from your navel center, intone the mantra ‘Om’. Intone the mantra as loudly as possible, as deeply as possible, as lengthily as possible. Forget everything else and simply become the sound. Become Om. It is very easy to become the sound, because sound vibrates throughout your whole body. The more you intone it, the more you will experience the pure resonance of the mantra.

Step 2 (11 minutes)
Now, slowly shift your awareness to the silence in between the repetitions of the mantra. After each intonation of Om, there is a gap, a silence. Let your awareness fall into this gap. Continue to chant, but let your awareness be upon the silence between the chants. This silence existed before you started chanting; it was there underneath your chanting, and when the chant ends, the silence alone remains. Each time you chant the Omkara, experience this space of silence between the intonations. Enjoy this silence. Dissolve your mind in this silence.