Merging With The Source Of Sound Technique : Omkara Chanting From The Navel

This 20 minutes technique allows us to be centered wiyh our inner being.  Sound is a unit of Existence through which you can merge with existence. Creating sound through your mind, you can go beyond it, into emptiness that pervades the entire Existence and connects you with it. Merging with this emptiness means that you become one with the very source of everything.  You will realize that you are not a separate entity but part of the whole. This simple understanding can liberate you from your mind.


Close your eyes. Inhale and exhale as slowly as possible.
Step 1 (5 minutes)
Start chanting the omkara. Omkara means, creating the sound, the vibration ‘Om’. Create the vibration from your navel center, as deeply as possible. Create the sound intensely, but not loudly. Be centered on the sound. Do not allow your mind to go anywhere else.
Step 2 (5 minutes)
Now continue to create the sound as before, but start seeking its source. Continue to create the vibration but locate the source from where the vibrations are arising, from where the sound is coming. Go into the source, search for the source.
Step 3 (5 minutes)
Just enter the sound. Enter this source from where the sound is coming, from where it is arising. Then, slowly reduce the sound. Don’t stop, but just reduce the sound, as you enter into the source from where the sound is coming. Become the sound.
Step 4 (5 minutes)
Now relax with your eyes closed. Don’t create any sound, but go to the source from where the sound was coming. Enter into that source. Relax into the source.