Guru Mantra

Prayer is a powerful form of meditation!


A sincere prayer has great benefits. When you are connected to the Master, the prayer establishes a direct bridge between you and the all-powerful, compassionate Existence in the form of the Master. Prayer can directly remove all the physical and mental impurities you carry inside you. It can simply dissolve all the sins you have been carrying. It is an integrated, focused direction of your energy towards the Ultimate energy.


Scientific Evidence

Can the power of prayer be proven scientifically? If you pray for someone, can that person be benefited? Research has been done especially over the last decade to answer some of these questions. Some of the findings are listed below:

In a 1998 study, some selected practicing healers from a number of traditions including Buddhism, Christianity, Indian shamans etc. were supplied with the first names, blood counts and photographs of 20 patients with advanced AIDS. Every day for an hour per day, the healers concentrated their thoughts on the pictures of these patients, for ten weeks. There was another group of 20 other AIDS patients who were left without being thought about in this way. An important thing to be noted in this is that the patients had no idea that they were being prayed for.

It was found that the patients who received this distance healing had fewer and less severe new illnesses, fewer doctor visits, fewer hospitalizations and in general were more positive than those who were not prayed for. This was to the extent of 50% to almost 100% better results than the group not prayed for. Similar experiments on mice also showed that the distance healing shrank tumors. Experiments show that heart attack patients who don’t even know that they have been prayed for recover much faster and better. A similar study in Paris had a group of 60 terminally ill patients in a hospital prayed for while the patients were themselves unaware of this. Another group of 60 terminally ill patients were also monitored who did not receive anything other than the medication that the other group of 60 patients were also receiving. It was found that the group that received the prayers lived an average of four months longer than those who did not. Not only that, five of the patients who were prayed for even recovered completely. On the other hand, in the other group of 60 patients who did not receive prayers, none of them got well. The power that prayer has on one’s own self has also been found to be remarkable as found by various top universities in the US where this has been studied. Some of the benefits found include:

• 40% lower death rate from heart disease and cancer

• Upto 14 times higher chances of survival after surgery for heart patients

• Double the stroke rate in elderly

• Lesser hospitalization time to the tune of 3 weeks

Some studies done include:

• A study in San Francisco in the 80’s was done on about 400 patients showed that the group receiving healing prayer not only had fewer deaths, they also had lesser need for CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and mechanical ventilators as well as antibiotics.

• An interesting study was done in France to study the effect of thought on the growth of microorganisms. In the experiment, a group of people was asked to influence the growth of some destructive fungi just by their intention. The ambient conditions were tightly regulated and there were two groups of fungi, one that received attention and the other that did not. It was found that the growth in over 75% of the fungi which received the intention to not grow actually showed retardation in growth.


How to pray?

You can connect to the Existential energy in any way, as long as you feel sincere and integrated in your devotion. A very easy, powerful and effective way is through the chanting of mantras or sacred syllables which have a deep meaning linguistically as well as vibrationally.

Choose the mantra with which you feel most in tune.

If you have a favorite deity, you can choose that name or mantra of that deity.

If you have a guru, connecting to the Existential energy becomes effortless, as the guru is the

living, moving form of the formless energy. He is your direct connection to the Divine.

Whatever the mantra you choose, remember that it is only the means for you to connect.

The Divine power is always available. You only have to choose the path that is easiest for


Guru Mantra

The Guru Mantra is Om Hreem Nithyanandaya namah.

Om is the primordial sound and is the representation of the male energy, Shiva energy.

Hreem is the bija mantra (seed sound) which has no linguistic meaning but has a powerful

vibration which awakens the feminine energy inside us.

Thus the mantra awakens the completeness and fulfillment inside us, a holistic completion of

the male and female energies which exist inside every one of us.

Nithyananda is invoking the name of the Master – the expression of the ultimate Truth of

nithyananda. It is the poorna moola mantra (the complete mantra) because it is the straight path

to both Shakti – success in this world, and to Shiva – success in the cosmic world which is


Nithyananda also means eternal bliss. You give a clear intention to your being and the

universe about your ultimate desire – eternal bliss or enlightenment.

Namaha means ‘I don’t exist’. It is the laying down of both ‘I’ and ‘mine’ at the feet of the

Divine. This is the beautiful technique of surrender. You surrender your ego to the Master,

your self to the Self.

The mantra can replace your inner chatter which as of now is mostly unnecessary thoughts

which cause confusion and drain your energy. When your very inner chatter gets purified,

it will result in a great clarity of thought, an amazing surge of energy in you and an intense

enthusiasm and excitement for life.