From Sound To Feeling

This is a 21 minutes technique to experience bliss just through a sound! Sound has a power in itself. It can create a certain vibration, a certain mood in you, independent of its meaning. But when you hear a word, you always focus on the meaning of the word. You never really listen to the sound of a language you know! So if you really want to enjoy ‘the sound of a sound’, it has to be a sound which you love, but which has no particular meaning for you. Whenever you enjoy anything, you are actually experiencing the bliss inside you. At the center of every pleasure you experience outside, is the bliss within. Just by deeply enjoying a sound and entering into that experience, you can touch this bliss from which the pleasure arises.


Close your eyes. Sit in a relaxed way.
Step 1 (10 minutes)
First choose the sound with which you are going to work. It can be anything, so decide which sound gives you most excitement and joy. Create that sound out loud and enjoy the feeling created by it. You should be able to create that sound mildly, listen and enjoy the feeling. Just continuously create that sound and enjoy the feeling. Be centered on that feeling.
Step 2 (11 minutes)
Now don’t give any volume to the sound you are creating. Repeat it internally with just your tongue movement. Keep repeating the sound internally with just the tongue movement, and experience the feeling. Be centered more on the feeling than the sound itself. Be centered on the excitement created by that sound. Enter deeply into this enjoyment and taste the bliss within.