Expel The Fear

A 21 minutes meditation technique to free youself from all the fear and relax into eternal peace.  Pure greed is intense bliss or excitement. Pure fear is intense peace. Through bliss, you can achieve. Through peace also, you can achieve.


Step 1:
Take your attention to the swadhishthana chakra, the being center. Be intensely aware of the being center, two inches below the navel. Now chant the hookara by producing the sound hoo through the mouth as you exhale. Chant as loudly and as long as possible. This will create a vibration effect around your mouth. Allow any fear that comes up to come up. If you are trembling or shaking or feeling disturbed, it is ok. Intensely chant the hookara mantra.
Step 2:
Relax in the swadhishthana chakra. Experience the undisturbed peace of the being.