Call Out To You

If your body is in one place, you can be sure your mind will be somewhere else!  If your body is at home, your mind will be in the office, worrying about work!  Just keeping the mind and body in the same place is itself a great meditation.  Whatever you are doing, suddenly call yourself by name and ask, ‘Where are you now?’  As soon as you consciously ask do this, your mind will stop wandering.  The moment you call yourself by name, your attention returns to you.

Your thinking will stop, and you will directly fall into the present moment!  Now, reply to your question, ‘I am right here.’  Keep trying this whenever you can remember.  See how long it takes for the answer to happen each time.  The sooner you are able to answer the question, the sooner you are breaking free from the thought-chain and returning to the present.  If your answer happens instantly, wonderful!  You are already in present-moment awareness.