Akshara Laksham (One Lakh Chants)

Akshara Laksham is the chanting of the Guru Mantra ‘Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha’ nine

lakh times. The Guru Mantra has nine letters (navakshari). So, each syllable is chanted one

lakh times.

Actually, thoughts arise from the navel region, the manipuraka chakra. So, when you chant

the Guru Mantra, the manipuraka chakra or the source of thoughts and words gets completely

cleansed. This automatically leads to the removal of all worries, negative thoughts and

emotions. There is a profound increase in clarity of thinking and peace of mind by the

chanting of the energized mantra.


How to Chant the Mantra

Make the whole being as an ‘ear’ for the mantra. Sit down and observe the whole being

listening to the mantra. If you just repeat the mantra mentally, the mind repeats many things.

When the whole being is made an ear for the mantra, you can feel the mantra coming from

everywhere. This will happen naturally with practice. Then you don’t need to put effort to

chant the mantra.

Finally even the mantra does not exist. You become the mantra – the essence of the mantra

just becomes you. The mantra exists as an experience that just fills your whole being and it is

no longer separate from you.

The very vibration of the mantra changes the vibration and frequency of the being. The

increase in intelligence also results in the increase in the power of cognition.

Anything that you repeat continuously becomes a part of your very being. When you

constantly chant the Guru Mantra, your very inner chatter gets replaced with the powerful

mantra. So, instead of the unnecessary, random, meaningless thoughts that constantly arise

in our inner space, the mantra repeats itself and purifies and energizes your inner space. The

energy behind the action of speech, the vak, gets completely purified.

When you repeat the mantra, be aware of the mantra itself and the gap between two chants.

The awareness is very important in this technique. You start becoming more and more

aware, more and more conscious in everything you do in your daily life.

When you chant the mantra, witness it. Then it will become the center of your consciousness.

Any thought that comes will be like mantra. It is just like in a water tank, if you keep a blue

powder at the base, the arising bubbles will also be blue. Same way, as you continuously

witness the mantra, you will become the mantra.

You become more aware of the thoughts you think; so you can catch negative thoughts at

their very source itself. Witnessing your thoughts and emotions thus becomes a much easier

task and you fall into the natural state of meditation.

Constantly chant the mantra; your awareness and mind will thus be on the mantra. The speed

of chanting is not important; the awareness is key. As you continue chanting, the awareness

will start staying more and more and the chant will become effortless and the pace will

increase as well.

This is a very powerful meditation technique that can still the mind and effortlessly allow

only the thoughts that are needed for functioning. You become the master of your mind

rather than the mind being your master.