Witness The Wandering

You always complain that the mind wanders during meditation. This is a 21 minutes technique that makes a meditation of your wandering! When your mind wanders, don’t try to drag it back, don’t suppress the thoughts, don’t get angry or feel frustrated. Simply remember that the mind is wandering, and you are not the mind. You struggle with the mind because you think it is you. Simply relax from this idea and witness the wandering. You will see that without your support and energy, the mind cannot wander very far! When you relax from the mind, it slowly falls into the center. When you relax from what you are not, what you are will naturally be revealed.


Close your eyes. Sit in a very relaxed way. There is no need to control the mind. If your mind is going somewhere outside, dwelling on things other than you, it is called external wandering. The moment you remember you, you will remember your name, or some idea about yourself. This is internal wandering. Watch the external and internal wandering of the mind. Any idea that comes about you, inside you, is also a wandering, an internal wandering. Witness these wanderings, relax even from them. When you relax from the wandering, you slowly fall into the space where there is no wandering. Remain in this space for as long as you can.