Withdraw And Experience

It is the nature of your senses to always flow outwards. You can never use your senses to experience your inner space. But we always pour all our energy into our senses. Wherever our senses lead us, we follow. That is why we never really experience ourselves from the inside. Thought always follows the senses. When you stop the senses, automatically thoughts also slow down and stop. When the mind is still, naturally you fall into your center. Actually, your inner space is not so difficult to contact. It is, after all, your inner space! It is just that we neither had the technique, nor the patience, or the inspiration to try. That is why, the moment you have the knowledge about the truth, half of the work is done. The remaining half is just relaxing and experiencing it.

This is an anytime meditation to be practiced 5 minutes, 5 five times per day. Initially you may not be able to do this meditation for five minutes at a time. You can reduce the time to one or two minutes, but try to do it five times a day, always on an empty stomach. When practicing this technique, wear loose clothing – let nothing touch your body.


Sit upright with your spine relaxed. Keep your body steady and unmoving. Close your eyes and mouth tight. Lock your tongue firmly. Now close your ears with your hands. Stop all sensations coming in through the eyes, ears, mouth and sense of touch. When your mind can no longer receive fresh information through your sense, naturally it will start replaying whatever is already inside. The thoughts that you already have inside will start bubbling up to the surface coming up. What happened yesterday, what happened the day before, what needs to be done tomorrow. All these thoughts will start running through your mind. Do not bother about them. They will stop flowing. Unless new information goes through your senses and the processing happens, the thought process cannot continue for long. To block the sense organs, it is especially important to lock the tongue. It is important to allow the breathing to be natural during this process.

Just sit for a few minutes and allow the process to happen. Suddenly, you will see there is a space where there are no thoughts. You will be free of thoughts. Experiencing the thoughtless state for even a few seconds can give you the same energy and restful feeling that a few hours of sleep can give. It is a very strong and powerful method. Practice this technique five times per day. Within five to six days, if not sooner, you will catch the glimpse of the thoughtless state.
Continued practice of this technique can cure hypertension and insomnia. It will completely heal all restlessness in your system.