This is a beautiful, natural meditation to center your energies.
It is ancient and powerful technique, drawn from Sufism, a mystic sect of Islam.
This is as simple as a technique can get. All you have to do is whirl, turn round and round
and round – the way you used to do as a child.
Whirling is a powerful centering technique.
The beautiful thing about this technique is that your body will be whirling, going round and
round – but your Being is right at the center, unmoving – like the unmoving center of a
moving wheel.”
Do not have any food or drink at least three hours before this meditation.
Some people may experience a sense of nausea during this meditation. This will disappear
after a few days of practice. If it persists, discontinue the meditation.
The meditation has two phases: whirling and resting.”
“Step 1: Whirling
Duration: Minimum 21 minutes

Whirling is usually done in an anti-clockwise direction, with the right arm held higher, palm
facing upwards, and the left arm lower, palm facing downwards.
If you are uncomfortable whirling anti-clockwise, switch to clockwise.
Whirling can be practiced for hours – for as long as you feel comfortable. But you will need
to whirl for at least one hour to experience the ‘energy whirlpool’.

Start with whirling slowly, let your whole body be soft and unresisting.
As you whirl, the passing images will become blurred. Let them flow past. Don’t try to focus
on anything – it will make you dizzy or nauseous.
For the first 10 minutes, go really slow. Then build up speed over the next 10 minutes. After
20 minutes or so, you will feel as if the whirling has taken you completely over.
There will be action and movement on the periphery of the circle, but at the center will be a
certain stillness. You will feel as if you are a witness to all this action, not a participant in it.”
“Step 2: Resting
Duration: 10 minutes

Resting cannot be planned, it has to happen.
When you are whirling very fast, you may feel as if your body is going to fall.
Don’t be afraid or resist the fall. Also, don’t plan the fall.
If your body is soft and pliable, you will not get hurt.
Just fall lightly and easily.
Lying down, just feel your body’s contact with the earth. Feel your body has become one
with the earth.
Keep your eyes closed. Remain silently in the same position for 10 minutes.
After this meditation, remain silent and meditative for a few hours.”