Energize And Rejuvenate!

An intense visualization can create the same effect in your body as the actual action itself. In Hatha Yoga, you are asked to visualize an asana (posture) thoroughly before you actually perform it. Visualization has tremendous power.  For example, suppose you are just feeling low on energy or tired without really doing anything. This happens to everyone sometimes! Your energy needs a shake-up, you are longing to go out for a breath of fresh air, but you are caught somewhere indoors, or it is raining. You cannot go out for a walk or a run – but you can still visualize it!


Sit upright with your eyes closed. You can visualize a beautiful natural setting for your ‘run’ – a country path, or a beach or whatever you enjoy best. Just go through the scene as vividly as you can – the feel of your body moving against the wind, the pressure of the ground beneath your feet. Smell the flowers in your mind! Even if you are not a great runner, this is the time to run! You cannot fall, you can’t get hurt, you don’t have to worry about your speed. Just let go, run like the wind! You will be surprised, your visualization can be so powerful that your body will start responding as if you are actually running.
Even if you are just relaxing in your chair, your breathing will start changing, the body goes into activity. If you are doing it well, you will actually feel as if your body is getting warmer. As you gain speed, there is no way you can think, because all your energy is taken up by your body. This is why, when your body moves, your mind always falls into silence. After a good ‘run’, you will feel refreshed and calm, both physically and mentally.