Unclutch from desires


Desires are always rising in you.
You are always struggling unconsciously with your desires – either trying to fulfil them, or
trying to suppress them.
Whether you try to fulfil or suppress, you are giving reality to the desire, you are giving
strength to it.
The key is not to suppress them or indulge them, but simply to disconnect from them.
Once you disconnect, it no longer matters whether the desire was weak or strong, right or
When you unclutch from your desires, you transcend them without effort.
Then there will be no struggle, and no need to renounce anything – because there will be
nothing to renounce!

DURATION: 21 minutes


Close your eyes and sit in a relaxed posture.

In a few moments, some desire will arise in you.
It may be even a desire to open your eyes or a desire to move your body, any desire!
Just see that desire. Just observe that desire.
Do not judge.
There may be so many desires; do not suppress them, just see them.
Don’t think your desire is right or wrong. Just see it.
Let them come, let the desires arise, let them happen.
Let all the desires arise in you; don’t suppress them, don’t judge them, just consider them
and let them happen.

Suddenly, before even your mind recognizes what is happening, unclutch from all the desires
and relax.
Do it in one stroke!
Not desire by desire; disconnect from all desires together.
Before your mind can raise any logical argument, just unclutch from them.
Do not argue, do not logically decide, do not decide based on right or wrong.
Simply unclutch from all the thoughts.
Anything that comes up, just unclutch from it.
Just disconnect.
Just unclutch.

When you suddenly unclutch from the noise of all the desires, your mind becomes blank for
a few moments.
You fall into a space of silence.
Catch that moment!
Relax into that silence.