Healing The Digestive System

This 21 minute powerful meditation technique combines the two awakening energy meditations into one in order to provide the maximum healing power to your digestive system. Through fire and air energies, digestion takes place way more comfortably.


Step 1 (15 minutes):
Close your eyes and sit in vajraasana posture (sit upright with your knees bent and feet tucked under you). Form chinmudra with both your hands by bringing your thumb and forefinger together to form a circle, keeping the remaining three fingers straight. Connect the upper and lower body by placing the chinmudra at your thigh joints, where the upper body meets the lower body.
Now visualize an agni (fire) burning in your navel area. This is the jataraagni or fire of digestion. When you blow air into a fire, it burns brighter. In the same way, you can infuse prana (the vital energy you take in while breathing) into your jataraagni by chanting the hoomkaara mantra. Chant ‘hoooom’ for as long as possible with each exhale. Begin again with each inhale, holding the chant as long as possible as you exhale. Visualize the prana entering the navel and making the fire burn more intensely.

Step 2 (7 minutes):
Bend forward and touch the ground with the forehead. Remain in this posture. Inhale air and prana through the mouth and then allow the body to automatically exhale through the nose. While doing this, visualize a cool white light spreading throughout your body.