Stretch Your Being

It is often said that the boundary of your breath is the boundary of your being. If not physiologically, at least psychologically this is very true! When we breathe, we never feel that our breath is reaching down to the lower part of our body. When we try to visualize our form with our eyes closed, we usually don’t even visualize the lower part! We don’t feel that it is an integral part of our identity. Now you need to reclaim your whole body! The first thing you need to do is expand your boundary to your feet. You need to sensitize your feet, and remind themselves that they are part of you. You need to live more in the feet.


Whenever you remember, put your awareness on your feet. Keep your feet bare. Then visualize that you are breathing deeply from the soles of your feet. Feel your feet inhaling and the air traveling upwards and spreading through the rest of your body. After a few breaths, you will feel the energy moving and circulating in a wide circle, from your head to your feet. You will experience your boundary expanding to include your legs as well. Whenever you can, sensitize your feet to the touch of things by walking on different surfaces barefoot. Normally, we never experience our being in our legs unless we have some pain or problem in the legs. When you always extend your awareness to the feet, you fall in tune with your whole body.