Smile Within

Smile is beautiful, but only if it is genuine and comes from within. Our facial muscles begin to hurt if we force them a fake smile for hours. Not only the face, the whole body can get exhausted if we make a continuous effort to smile when we don’t feel like it. Most of the time, we smile only with our lips, very rarely does the smile come from inside us. Actually, faking a smile all the time can be more stressful than just being normal and grumpy. So when you are tired from all the false smiling, unwind with a real smile – from inside.


Lie down or lie back comfortably in a chair. Close your eyes and relax with a gentle sighing sound. Now, start feeling a smile growing inside you. It doesn’t start on your face, but from deep inside you. It is a gentle, delicate smile that is unfolding in your heart. Slowly, it is spreading to every part of your body. Feel the smile warming your limbs. Your whole being is blooming with this beautiful smile. If you can feel it on your lips, let it play there also. But enjoy it within. This smile is not for others; it is for you. Slowly open your eyes. Carry this smile inside you wherever you go.