Silencing The Mind

When we view and hear things around us, these images and sounds get stored and processed in our inner space. The 13 minute technique described here has three parts to it that help in bringing clarity to our thoughts and visuals.

(a) Clear Verbalization

The first 10 minutes is used to work on the shabda tattva, the energy of verbalization which converts prana (vital force) into words. When the verbalization rises form your navel center, it is in the form of air or vital energy (prana). In the throat, it is converted to sounds by the shabda tattva. With this technique, the shabda tattva is strengthened, so that your verbalization becomes clear and integrated.


Close your eyes and sit with your head, neck and spine in a straight line. Chant the hoomkara (hoooom sound) intensely into your center. Don’t chant the sound loudly. If you chant loudly, you will become tired. Just visualize that you are forcing the sound inside. Then there will be no sound, but there will be intensity. Send the sound inside. If you chant intensely, you will become more energetic as energy is circulating inside The energy of this sound will work on your body and energize it. It will clear your verbalization and infuse energy into you.

(b) Clear Visualization

The eyes and the Being are closely related. That’s why you can tell so much from a person’s eyes. If our eyes are tense, it means our whole being is tense. If you close your eyes and allow the cool breeze to touch your eyes, or wash your eyes with cold water, your whole being will become silent. This 3 minute part is like a complete cleaning program. It really helps those who sit in front of the computer all day. If you practice it just once a month, it will clear all the tension that is accumulated from this activity. It will clear your visualization completely. You will experience a deep silence and relaxation in you.


Roll your eyes either clockwise or anticlockwise, continuously and intensely. Do not allow any inner visualization. When you roll your eyes continuously, all visualization will stop automatically.

(c) Relaxation

Relax for few minutes. Because you have cleared your verbalization and visualization, you will experience a state of silent awareness. Enjoy and relax into this silence.