Shakti Dhaarana: Harnessing the energy of Existence

“An unspeakably beautiful meditation. It is more like a prayer than meditation!
Drawn from the Kularnava Tantra, this meditation is a direct way of putting you in touch
with the energy of all of Existence. It takes you to the threshold of the state of turiya, where
you are in a state of total awareness but without thoughts.
This mediation is best practised at night, just before you go to sleep. If you do it during the
day, be sure to rest for fifteen minutes afterwards to assimilate the energy, or you will be in a
state of intoxication for hours afterwards!”

Choose a cool, dark room with enough ventilation. If you choose, you can practise in a private space outdoors.
Kneel on the ground. Don’t sit on your haunches. Use a mat if it helps you feel more comfortable.
This meditation tremendously improves energy circulation in the body.
Raise yourself up on your knees, and raise both your arms towards the sky. Turn your face
skyward and wait.
If you wish, you can visualize the blissful face of your master or your favorite deity –
whatever helps you connect instantly with the Divine energy. (Just as a miser is at the peak
of his energy when counting money, or a lover is at the peak of his energy when he is with
his beloved, so also a master is at the peak of his energy when laughing or smiling. Just
remember his blissful face and allow the energy to flow through you.)
In a moment, you will feel the energy of Existence pouring into you.
Be unresisting. Let the energy enter into you.
You will feel a tingling sensation, then a trembling in your arms; then slowly your whole
body will begin to tremble and sway with the energy, like a leaf dancing in the breeze.
Allow the movements.
As you drink in the energy, you become the point where male and female energies melt and
merge, the point where earth and heaven meet. You begin to feel floaty, as if your body is
no more.
Allow any feeling. Just drop yourself completely! There is no ‘you’. You have simply
dissolved into Existence. Bend down, and kiss the earth, or at least let your forehead touch
the ground. You become a medium or a passage for the divine energy
When you feel completely saturated, bend down and kiss the earth. Let your forehead touch
the earth. Stretch out your arms and place your hands, palms downward, on the earth. Give
all your love to the earth. Feel it flow out from your lips and your palms. Offer your energy
to mother Earth in a mood of total surrender. If you wish, you may visualize the feet of the
master when in this posture.
Simply become an instrument carrying the divine energy into the earth.
All troubles related to the backbone will simply vanish by doing this meditation, as the
maximum energy goes to the muladhara chakra at the base of the spine.

Repeat this cycle seven times.
Each time, each of the seven major chakras is energized.
If you repeat it more than seven times, you may feel over-energized and restless.

When you have finished your prayer, go to sleep in that prayerful state. Fall into the energy,
sleep in it. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed and revitalized.
As you practice this technique, a beautiful and live connection is created between Existence
and you. You experience causeless joy, and each day will become a celebration!