Clear The Inner Chatter

Living inside your body is the first step to good health. Wherever your body is, you can be sure your mind is somewhere else. When your body is at home, your mind is in the office. When your body is sitting in the office, your mind will be taking a vacation on the beach! Your inner chatter (the constant flow of thoughts inside) continuously takes you away from your body. The moment you start thinking, you are out of the boundary of your body. When you silence the inner chatter, you automatically fall back into your body boundary.
A very effective way to stop the inner chatter is to stop the movement of your tongue. If you notice, there will always be slight movements in your tongue – even when you are not speaking. This movement of your tongue is closely related to your inner chatter. You cannot think without moving the tongue slightly. By stopping the tongue, you can consciously center yourself in your body. Simply by remaining centered in the body, you can experience health and healing. Only if you are at ease with your body, can you move beyond the body and completely feel what it means to experience yourself without any boundaries. This 30 minute techniques guides us through the process of knowing what it really means to feel the peace inside!


Close your eyes and sit cross-legged on the floor.

Step 1 (5 minutes):
Concentrate on your tongue. Visualize that your tongue has become solid like stone. Actually feel the solidity, the immobility of your tongue. Do not allow even subtle movements of the tongue. Do not allow a single word to rise in your mind.
Step 2 (25 minutes):
You always experience a boundary of suffering when you are in the body. That is why you want to move away from your body, at least mentally. Here, you will experience a boundary of bliss instead. Visualize your whole body smiling. Feel your whole body at ease, relaxed, in a deep feeling of enjoyment. Feel your whole body smiling intensely. Enjoy the feeling of being totally centered in your body.