Pranic breathing

Prana moves through every part of our body. Every cell is infused with prana. Normally, we only experience prana when it enters our nostrils through the breath. We feel that we can breathe only through our nose and mouth. Now, we are going to experience prana moving in every pore of our body! We are going to breathe through every part of our body.


Close your eyes and sit in a relaxed way. Sit very still and feel the slight tingling sensations happening inside you. This is the movement of prana through your body. You will experience it like a very mild energy current circulating inside. Feel every part of your body filled with prana. Now, visualize every part of your body inhaling and exhaling. Actually, this is not just visualization. Your body is capable of absorbing prana from the atmosphere. It is just that you are not aware of it.

One by one, feel each of your limbs breathing deeply. Experience this breathing in your hands, your legs, your upper body. Enjoy this energy flow! Feel the movement of prana in your face. Let your eyes breathe in prana, let your whole face inhale and radiate prana. Infuse pranic energy into each part of your body.Let every pore of your skin breathe deeply. Slowly, you will feel yourself enveloped in a cloud of powerful vital energy that continuosly energizes and protects you. This technique can energize you, as well as give you deep relaxation. Your body begins to glow with new life, and you will radiate peace.