Raise Your Conciousness

This anytime/anywhere meditation technique allows us to look at the same object with a new vision to expand our consciousness. When we hold the thought in our heart, the transformation happens automatically. We are so afraid of being sensitive because when we become sensitive, life opens out tremendous avenues which we don’t know how to handle. We remain insensitive and live a dead life because of this. We remain in a dead and secure circuit. When sensitivity flowers, every moment becomes fresh. The simplest, most normal things of life become an experience of wonder. Start seeing things as if you are seeing them for the first time! When you start seeing things without bringing your samskaras, not only you will see things newly, you will see new things. Seeing things newly will happen with these two eyes. Seeing new things will happen with your third eye! Your ajna chakra will be activated. You will have a new vision and an expanded consciousness.


When was the last time you really looked at something? or listened to something? or tasted something? or smelled or touched something? All the things you have been doing all your life, now do them again, as if for the first time. Whenever you are walking and you see something, maybe a flower, STOP. Collect your awareness and look at the flower again. Take in its colour. Let your nostrils absorb its fragrance. If it has no fragrance, notice them! Touch and feel the texture of the petals, the way they feel against your fingers. You will feel the difference. Are you sure you have ever seen this flower before? The whole quality of the flower has changed. It looks radiant. Actually, it is not the flower which has changed, it is your way of looking. When your way of looking changes, your listening changes, your touching changes – the world changes. When you connect, it is a new world every moment. Carry this practice with you all the time. Actually, you cannot even practice it, you can only hold it in your heart, and let the transformation happen.