Increase Body Vitality

This is a simple 10 to 15 minutes method to flood your body with energy. You can practice it every morning. Sunrise is the time when the amount of prana (life energy) in the air is at the maximum. Your body can directly absorb this energy from the sun.  If you look into the sky just after sunrise, you can see millions of golden ‘worms’ continuously swimming in the air at a tremendous speed. You can even see them with thenaked eye. These are vitality globules. Just like the food you eat, prana is also food for your body vitality. It boosts your body immunity. When the prana level in your body is high, you can maintain vibrant health even without much food! When the prana level drops, your general vitality drops. This is the reason many people fall during the rainy season and winter, when the prana level is low.  This is also the reason that yoga and meditation were always performed outdoors, at dawn.

The energy flow in your body is always in a state of imbalance. Your breathing is always imbalanced. Either the left side of your body is receiving more oxygen, or the right side.  For just a few minutes, during sunrise and sunset, your breathing falls naturally into a balanced pattern. The energy flow in your body is perfectly balanced. This time is known as sandhya – the meeting-point of day and night, light and darkness. When the outer balancing happens, a natural inner balancing also happens.  Normally you are not aware of these processes happening inside you.  When you become aware, these few moments can become a natural meditation.


Step 1:
Rise before the sun does! Find a spot outdoors where you can get a clear view of the sunrise.  If possible, find an open space where you can watch the sun come up over the horizon.  Watch the sky at dawn, before the sun rises on the horizon. When the sky is gaining color, watch with a deep silent alertness.  As the sun rises on the horizon, clearly feel that the sun inside you is also rising. When it has risen above the horizon, feel that the sun inside you has reached your navel.  As the sun comes up slowly, feel the inner sun also gaining intensity.  Feel your body flooded with the golden light. Feel the glow of the sunrise inside your head.

Step 2:
With your face to the sun, close your eyes for a few moments.  Feel as if your body is absorbing the prana through every pore. With every breath, the prana is entering and rejuvenating your body. Enjoy the living energy inside you.  Slowly, turn your focus from the sunrise outside to the sunrise happening inside you. Enjoy the bright, silent feeling of the sun of Consciousness within.