Improve Relationships


Benefits of meditationA beautiful 30 minutes meditation technique to become more loving and flowing in our relationships. We always experience ourselves as separate from others. We cling so strongly to our body boundary that we always feel like a solid being. Maybe at the body level this is the truth, but the moment you take a step inwards, to your energy body, you will see that every being in this universe is deeply connected to the rest. You are not a solid entity as you imagine! You are a flowing energy.

At the energy level, there is a constant interchange going on between you and everyone and everything around you. You are just a beautiful, blissful flux of energies! Because you don’t realize how you are part of this collective consciousness, you hold yourself so tight even in your most intimate relationships. Once you experience yourself as energy, naturally you are no longer afraid to expand and flow.


Step 1:
Sit in a relaxed way.  Close your body and take a few deep breaths.  Keep your limbs as loose and relaxed as possible.  Next, visualize your own aura.  Your aura is your etheric or energy body, which interpenetrates and extends beyond your physical body by about one foot.  Visualize your aura as a luminous shell of soft light, like a halo around your whole body.  Now experience this aura growing in size in all directions like a glowing ball.  Understand, this is not just visualization. You can expand and contract your energy body at will. Because we usually do it unconsciously, you are not aware of your own capacity.  As your aura grows outwards, you will find that it starts growing inwards also! You will start feeling it penetrating your physical body, till you cannot experience your physical body anymore.  This is the truth! The moment you allow yourself to experience yourself as energy, you will realize that your body is not as solid as you think.  You are now just a huge body of light.

Step 2:
Now, visualize all your emotional relationships as part of your light body.  Include all your relationships in your light, whether they are loving or not-so-loving.  If you have somebody who is emotionally connected to you, say in another country, visualize that you have a huge body that extends out to that country, and that person is also inside your light body! Let all the emotional connections, hateful or loving, be inside your etheric body.  Now, visualize whoever you can, friends, strangers, people you have never met – everyone being enveloped by this body of light. Enjoy your own loving, all-inclusive presence!  Expand and include as much as you can. As you expand, you will see that your individual identity simply melts and dissolves in the light. You are no more than a point of awareness in a vast ocean of love and light.

Step 3:
Now, visualize your aura shrinking slowly till you become aware of your body boundary again.  Spend a few minutes inside your boundary with your eyes closed.  Don’t get up or move your body suddenly, or you will experience a sense of physical disorientation.  When you feel totally comfortable inside your body boundary, relax and open your eyes.