Enter the darkness

Darkness can be a direct way to merge with the all pervading Existence. Darkness is the
natural way of life; only light is a distinction. But we associate darkness with fear, we
associate it with death and therefore miss the easy way to merge. If we can embrace darkness
as that which we experienced in our mother’s womb, the darkness that gave birth to us,
we will simply drop the fear and start experiencing darkness as the all pervading Existence.
Then, wherever we are, we will simply dissolve into it and become one with it.


We are born out of darkness, the darkness that exists in the mother’s womb. Darkness is not
negative as we usually think. It is intense healing energy. It is a motherly, positive energy.
The darkness that exists in your mother’s womb is an intense energy. It is not the empty
darkness of the graveyard. It is the Whole, the energy from which you came. The darkness
existing in your mother’s womb is the energy from which your body was created. It is called
the causal body, the karana sharira.
Before entering into this meditation, you need to understand about darkness with more
clarity and more positive understanding. If you are afraid of darkness, you can’t enter into
this meditation.
Darkness is the root cause for your body. Even space is not intense light, but intense
darkness. The vedic scriptures say that at the beginning of creation, darkness was covered
by darkness. Darkness is the source, the infinite base. Darkness is the only thing that is.
Anything else that is added only comes and goes.
We are taught that darkness is death, the emptiness that happens after your death. You never
realize that the emptiness that existed before your birth is also darkness! Now change the
understanding. Darkness is the state of fulfillment, the creative energy from which you took
birth. This clarity can make you feel connected to darkness.
This technique can heal chronic fatigue, insomnia, oversleeping and depression.

Duration: 25 minutes


Step 1 (20 minutes):
Close your eyes and sit still.
We all know how to close our eyelids but not our eyes. Closing the eyes means to completely
stop seeing inside, behind the eyelids also.
Usually when you close your eyes, you start seeing many things inside you. The inner
television will never be switched off, it constantly goes on! Now close your eyes and
completely stop seeing inside. Turn off the inner television!
Then you will see the intense darkness from which you were born, the darkness in your
mother’s womb, the same darkness that you still carry in your inner space.
Out of the same space energy in your mother’s womb, the whole world has emerged.
You came out of one bit of space energy from your mother’s womb. When you came out
from your mother’s womb, you had already imbibed that darkness, that space energy, into
your own inner space.
If you close your eyes and stop seeing things inside, you will see intense darkness.
Just be with the intense darkness.
If your mind wanders, just come back and get centered.
Be with the darkness.

Step 2 (5 minutes):
Open your eyes and bring the same darkness outside. With your eyes open, see the same
scenes that you saw in the darkness. See the same thing with intensity.
This may take up to a month of practice. But if you can see the same darkness inside and
outside, you will see you are able to switch off your mind whenever you wish!
Understand, the ability to switch off your mind whenever you wish, liberates you from all
problems, all disorders related to the mind, whether it is insomnia, oversleeping, chronic
fatigue or depression.
All these things are related to the causal body or the fifth energy body in us. All diseases
related to the causal body will be completely healed once you enter into the deep darkness
inside and outside. Physiologically and psychologically, this meditation will transform your
This technique is not only for healing, but it can also directly open you to deeper and deeper
levels of consciousness, to enlightenment.